A pro-active approach to clarify billing to customers.

You know when you get a bill in the mail from your ISP and the total amount due is slightly different each month for seemingly no discernable reason? Well, Telenet is now clearing the air with a new way of presenting bills to customers. Here’s what we’ve built together!
A pro-active approach to clarify billing to customers.
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What did we do?

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Front- & Backend Development

What's been bothering them?

Often times, there’s anomalies that creep into Telenet customers’ bills. Think of subscription adjustments, or additional fees when using on-demand television services. Without providing any further explanation, customers might get suspicious when there’s really no reason to. Telenet’s challenge, therefore, is how might they help their customers understand their billing and usage info in a more convenient way, at the right place and the right time?

How did we fix it?

So what are the core necessities here? We need a future-proof format of communicating this information to the customers, and it needs to be anticipatory to some degree as well. Because one of the additional goals was to decrease the number of calls Telenet’s service channels would receive, with people asking about what’s going on with their bills. Our solution? We built a progressive web application (PWA) to convey this information, available on both mobile and desktop.

What are the results?

It’s still early days to talk results. Telenet has just launched its first MVP of this project, making it visible to roughly 30,000 customers per month. What’s expected though, is a significant drop in billing-related calls and communication requests from these customers. We’re also using this MVP to test this new, mobile-friendly environment with real customers, who were previously accustomed to just receiving PDF files in their mailbox.

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Iteration sprints

What did the process look like?

The very first design sprint was organized within the scope of Telenet’s residential domain, to think of ways to pro-actively anticipate emotional triggers related to billing. Once that was settled, it was off to the races. One issue we ran into though during the prototyping sprint, was the absence of a functional API to provide us with all the billing details we needed. So what did we do? We built our own scraping tool that’s able to gather all of the required information from straight PDF files. Pretty cool, huh?

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Here’s what the final product can do!

Here's what the first live version looks like!

Smart Dock And Yard Management Software

An in-depth overview of billing anomalies.

Previously, customers had no real way of knowing what the leading causes were behind the continuously altering total amount due on their bill. At least, without explicitly contacting customer service, that is. Now, so-called anomalies are highlighted and explained in detail, in an easy-to-use application. This way, customers can tell why the projected amount differs from the actual amount due on their monthly bills.

Smart Dock And Yard Management Software

Extended support features and FAQs at the ready.

Should the need arise for additional customer support, we’ve got that covered as well. We’ve made contacting Telenet’s support services faster and more convenient, and included extensive, easily accessible FAQs for customers to consult.

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