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Useless meetings can really wear out your team. That’s why we devised a 90-minute workshop that helps you define an actionable solution to virtually any challenge or problem.
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What you need is a Decision Dash.

Whip out your Post-its and Sharpies because we’re going to town, baby. It’s time to replace all those open-ended, unstructured discussions with a clear process. Over the course of 90 minutes, you’ll learn how to capture and prioritize problems, ideate without discussion, and vote and decide on a (digital) solution that makes sense to the whole team.

We call it a Decision Dash.
I was mostly surprised by the impact of their approach. Bothrs’s sprint system allowed everyone to get to know one another quickly, build trust and appoint accountability. After just one week, we already had a presentable prototype in our back pocket, tested and ready to go. This really gave us that “Yes, we can!”-feeling!
— Steven Vanpoucke
Manager Claims Department Home and Liability at Belfius Insurance
“Basically, they sell speed. Which is one of the biggest needs of corporations today.”
— Dado van Peteghem
Co-founder Duval Union Consulting, Speakerbase & Social Seeder
Bothrs introduced us to design sprints for the revamp of our digital brand and shop environment. In one week we'd defined goals, challenges, inspirations and solutions. We got everyone involved and aligned from the start! We’ve turned months of unstructured, ineffective processes into one intense week of strategy, prototyping and testing.
— Wouter Baert
DTC Manager at Edgard & Cooper

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