A conversational insurance claims assistant.

You’d be hard-pressed to not think of insurance claims as one big headache. Our easy-to-use conversational buddy, myBo for Belfius, helps you file your insurance claims in no time, while offering a personalized and context-sensitive experience at the same time.
A conversational insurance claims assistant.
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What did we do?

Business Strategy
UX/UI Design
User Testing
Conversation Design

What's been bothering them?

Filing insurance claims is enough of a hassle as it is. Clients need to navigate through a maze of FAQs, documents and lenghty web pages, to get where they need to go. A process such as this is time-consuming and cost-ineffective.

How did we fix it?

The job to be done? Allow clients to file their claims, and let them know immediately whether they’re covered by their insurance or not. That’s why we’re taking a more pro-active approach, and let Belfius Insurance start the conversation by asking the right questions from the get-go. A bespoke multiplatform conversational interface, myBo, accessible 24/7, supported by an intricate flow design, guides the client from start to finish, making the filing procedure a breeze.

What are the results?

Thanks to myBo, Belfius Insurance noted a 87,5% increase in conversions, when comparing the filed claims using myBo with the traditional insurance claim forms, used previously by Belfius Insurance.

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What did the process look like?

Moving fast is our trademark, and what allows us to create better experiences, faster, is our process. We’ve fragmented the entire development cycle into week-long sprints. Short, intsense bursts of productivity, with clearly defined challenges at the start, weekly stand-ups, rapid prototyping, and repeated end user testing. As a nice added bonus, it also allows for custom tailored roadmaps depending on the project and client.

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Here’s what the final product can do!

To put a nice bow on this project, let’s close up the hood of myBo and recap what it can actually do for Belfius’ clients.

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myBo is here to help, 24/7, regardless of your device!

The great thing about myBo is its accessibility. As a Belfius client, you can access myBo from literally anywhere, at any time, guaranteeing an instantaneous response, every time.

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Get where you need to go, fast!

Convenience and speed is where myBo really shines. Instead of filling out complicated forms, we opted for a conversational flow instead. Using Chatlayer.ai, we were able to quickly set up the and manage chat flows, and easily integrate it with Belfius' architecture. This way, clients don't need to worry about potentially missing anything; the chatbot guides them through the filing process from start to finish.

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