Growth Sprint

Grow your business and your team's skills through a process of rapid experimentation.
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Marketing money rolls, without seeing actual results.

Marketing today is very dispersed. Companies often try a lot of everything, but struggle to make sense of the bigger picture. They spend tons of money trying to grow their business, but hardly see any return on their investments.
We helped Gigaset increase conversion with 68%.
Growth Sprint 01

It takes a rigid process to uncover core growth areas.

Our growth sprint is a process that unearths the unique combination of things that could work for your product, your audience, and your business model.
We boosted Edgard&Cooper’s online sales with 238%
Growth Sprint 02

What a week looks like

Growth Sprint 03

Identify challenges and create growth experiments.

On the first day, we spend a lot of time looking at the overall picture and understanding where the highest impact area is right now. When we created a very deliberate focus area, we start ideating on possible experiments to tackle our challenges.

Growth Sprint 04

Prioritize and refine experiments.

After having clearly defined the challenge and ideated on possible solutions, day two is all about prioritising our wide array of experiments and deciding which ones to move forward with.

Growth Sprint 05

Define a game plan.

We move on with the experiments that have the highest impact and lowest effort. We’ll define what steps are needed to get them live, and start putting the pieces together.


Execute the experiments.

We’ll set up what is needed to run the experiments. But more importantly, now your team is also armed with the tools and knowledge on how to run more growth sprints and build the process and mindset.

What you'll get from us

Aligned team on marketing goals

Live growth experiments

Laser-focused team

Validated learnings

Guideline to run experiments yourself

What we’ll need from you

Project leader
or decider

Growth idea
or challenge

Two days of your time

Collaborative mindset

Our principles at work

Weeks not months

Instead of endlessly talking and guessing, we’ll get experiments ready for takeoff at the end of week one, and we have your target audience validate it.


By employing a team of experts, with varied skillsets, we avoid bottlenecks before they arise, with no chance of getting blindsided.

Validated learning

We hate assumptions, and we'll never build something people don't want. That's why we're huge advocates of repeated user testing, as early as possible.

“I was mostly surprised by the impact of their approach. Bothrs’s sprint system allowed everyone to get to know one another quickly, build trust and appoint accountability. After just one week, we already had a presentable prototype in our back pocket, tested and ready to go. This really gave us that “Yes, we can!”-feeling!”
Steven Vanpoucke, Manager Claims Department Home and Liability at Belfius Insurance
“Bothrs introduced us to design sprints for the revamp of our digital brand and shop environment. In one week we'd defined goals, challenges, inspirations and solutions. We got everyone involved and aligned from the start! We’ve turned months of unstructured, ineffective processes into one intense week of strategy, prototyping and testing.”
Wouter Baert, DTC Manager at Edgard & Cooper
“Basically, they sell speed. Which is one of the biggest needs of corporations today.”
Dado van Peteghem, Co-founder Duval Union Consulting, Speakerbase & Social Seeder

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