Prototyping Sprint

Create the momentum that you need to explore your technical challenges and tackle your biggest risks upfront.
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Technology is holding you back.

At some point, new technology can be frightening, because you have no clue how long it will take to implement it or if it's even a good fit for your company and the challenge. Technical roadblocks, a slow ramp-up and a lack of knowledge are the most common excuses, but should they be?
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Stop assuming and start validating.

When a potential new product or idea is full of technical assumptions, you need to get answers quick. It's time to prototype!  Validating those assumptions to remove all risks from the start will create more clarity for your product's future and will get everyone in the team more aligned. It's the ideal moment to explore the technical side of a great idea.
We helped Telenet launch their billing tool, fast.

How we work


Define the challenge and align the team.

We dive into the idea that we're planning to build and uncover the biggest challenges. Often, there are a bunch of assumptions on the unknown parts and they make you under- or overestimate the impact.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Create prototypes.

These prototypes should all focus on validating assumptions. Can we integrate with service X? Can we detect patterns with pictures from an iPhone? Can we reuse some of our existing APIs?
These kind of questions should be answered before you start building your new idea within the technologic landscape of your company.


Stitch everything together in a final demonstrator.

When nearing the end of the week, we try to stitch everything together and finish the prototypes. If we're seeing big issues, now's the time to create workarounds or mock certain things.


Execute the experiments.

On the last day, we gather all our learnings , prep the future roadmap and present everything during the delivery. Often, we also setup a proper design system in this week, which we'll present as well. This all results in clear next steps.

What you'll get from us

cross-functional team

Hacking and solution driven mindset

Roadmap proposal

Backlog to kick-off an MVP Track

Design system foundation

What we’ll need from you

Clear challange & solution from Design Sprint

Dedicated engineer

Existing systems and stack


Our principles at work

Weeks not months

We've harnessed a set of agile design and development processes that allow us to design, validate, build, and launch fast.


By employing a team of experts, with varied skillsets, we avoid bottlenecks before they arise, with no chance of getting blindsided.

Validated learning

We hate assumptions, and we'll never build something people don't want. That's why we test with users as early as possible.

“I was mostly surprised by the impact of their approach. Bothrs’s sprint system allowed everyone to get to know one another quickly, build trust and appoint accountability. After just one week, we already had a presentable prototype in our back pocket, tested and ready to go. This really gave us that “Yes, we can!”-feeling!”
Steven Vanpoucke, Manager Claims Department Home and Liability at Belfius Insurance
“Bothrs introduced us to design sprints for the revamp of our digital brand and shop environment. In one week we'd defined goals, challenges, inspirations and solutions. We got everyone involved and aligned from the start! We’ve turned months of unstructured, ineffective processes into one intense week of strategy, prototyping and testing.”
Wouter Baert, DTC Manager at Edgard & Cooper
“Basically, they sell speed. Which is one of the biggest needs of corporations today.”
Dado van Peteghem, Co-founder Duval Union Consulting, Speakerbase & Social Seeder

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